Weight Loss: How to really find out what it takes to lose weight! 

By Jessikah Kollatou, CHT, TAP, CST



The topic of weight loss is one of the most researched issues people are struggling with.

The diets that stop working once you stop doing them, the guilt, shame, keeping yourself away from friends and family gatherings, the horrible feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror and the even worse feeling when your clothes are tight and you just don’t fit in them anymore.

I want to get straight to the point, because if you are reading this, chances are you are frustrated searching and trying and just want to find SOMETHING that actually WORKS! And for the long run, not just temporary fixes!

Here is the point:

Overeating, just like any other “too much” behavior, is just a DISTRACTOR!  It distracts you from the painful thoughts, feelings and emotions that you haven’t dealt with , for whatever the reason, and you end up eating.

Or perhaps you eat out of boredom.


It is emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy, and energetic energy! All stacked up inside you with no way and nowhere to go- because YOU are holding on to the above.

You may not want to, but you ARE holding on and not letting go.

And the only way to really let go of that STORED UP ENERGY and for good, is by working on a subconscious level.  Finding the programs that are responsible for this behavior of emotional overeating.

Once the programs ( and thoughts and feelings) have been identified by your hypnotist or hypnotherapist, they are removed and replaced with new positive programs, thoughts , feelings and behaviors, that will allow you to make healthier decisions about what you eat and how much of it.


This is the power of hypnosis: it can get to the ROOT cause of the issue and whatever triggers it, and remove it so new programs and positive behaviors can start taking place, for your new, healthy, beautiful body.


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Jessikah Kollatou is an award nominated Master Hypnotherapist, Instructor of Self-Hypnosis and author, committed to helping individuals move past their stuck states, so they can achieve their goals and live the life they want to create.


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By Jessikah Kollatou, CHT, TAP, CST



Having been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, as a professional singer/songwriter, actor and Tv host, I know very well the debilitating effects anxiety can have on you!

From the embarrassment of excessive sweating, to irregular heartbeat, to that feeling of weakness in your knees and your stomach, to forgetting the words to your part, or the lyrics of your song- just to mention a few!

Not the best thing when you are auditioning for an acting role, or a competition in front of judges or even yet worse, when you are about to go on stage and perform your craft!!!

Even after hours, days, months of practice, rehearsal and preparation, when you think you have it all down to perfection, at that one single moment you FREEZE! And like a light leaf, it all flies out the window.

You just stand there feeling stuck, embarrassed and wishing all eyes will turn away from you and the earth to just open up and swallow you, or that you could just disappear into thin air!

It’s even worse when you are in a room lit up like daylight, with all spotlights focused on you!


I know how this feels, I have been there myself, and with the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy this is all now a part of the past. I now stand calm, relaxed and confident in front of any situation and allow myself to do what I do, and enjoy it.  🙂   Take it light, have fun with it while delivering an excellent professional performance!


Because I know how this feels and I have overcome it, I am now committed to helping other industry professionals, move past the fears, anxiety and limitations that have been holding you back, so you can achieve your highest level of performance excellence with effortless ease, poise and confidence and let your light shine!


If you or someone you know is struggling with performance or audition anxiety, I highly urge you to contact me now so I can help you get unstuck, overcome it and focus on getting your gifts and talents out there with strength and confidence, so you can reach your career and artistic goals!


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Jessikah Kollatou is an award nominated Master Hypnotherapist, Instructor of Self-Hypnosis and author, committed to helping individuals move past their stuck states, so they can achieve their goals and live the life they want to create.


*Special rates for entertainment industry professionals

and SAG-AFTRA members.




Slow Down- Less is More – The Slow, The Silent and The Peaceful

By Jessikah Kollatou, CHT, TAP, CST

Be still, and know that I am God.

Today I was listening to a cd with Native American flute on my Ipod. The only thing you could hear on the cd was the pure, simple, peaceful sound of the flute. The cd was titled “Healing Heart” by Bill Leyden.
There were no drums or other instruments, and in today’s case, it was exactly what I needed. Suddenly I felt peace pouring into my home- the kitchen the living room. Life slowed down, it didn’t feel as overwhelming, my “to-do” list seemed doable, and I didn’t need as much to feel happy and content.
We have gotten to used to being busy running around doing 10 thousand things in a day, all at the same time, that our life passes us by like a tornado, to wake us up one day wondering where did our years go ? How did life pass us by like this? But its not life that passes us by, it is us running before it instead of walking with it. We are living life in a fast spin!


The serene sound of Bill Leyden’s flute, made me slow down today. I realized that although I enjoy the fast the fun and the loud, I also need the balance of the slow, the silent and the peaceful – my moments of peace, to recover and recharge from the “noises” in our world.
There is an ancient Greek proverb “ Perfection is doing everything in moderation”. It makes you stop and think: Do we really need all this food that we stuff ourselves with in one sitting, so that we have to go on a diet later? Do we really need all the shoes, the clothes, the latest car model, the cool cell phone or laptop that just came out? Or can we live with less, and still be satisfied?
Material things and upgrading your wardrobe or home appliances is good, don’t get me wrong. But it is the extent we go to that takes us off track making it unhealthy, unbalanced and out of tune with our life and with ourselves.
Resisting these urges is , of course, a challenge, when we are being bombarded daily by radio, tv, magazine ads, sales, and stock up options.
So we stock up, and we stuff up, to eventually find we need to unclutter our homes because there’s no more space, and to cleanse and detox our bodies because we are full of toxins and overstuffed with food that our body didn’t get the chance to digest and eliminate properly.
Yes media has a lot to do with it, but we too have to take responsibility: when we are in a fast pace mode, we don’t have much time to think, so we keep on buying, keep on eating and keep on stocking and stuffing up.

But when we take the time to slow down, to meditate, to pray, or to just simply become aware of what we really need and how much of it, we just might find, that we can have a content stomach with less food, a happy home with less “stuff”, a healthy body with walking instead of racing, and realize, that we no longer need to “run” our life, just simply ENJOY LIVING IT ! ☺

Songs and albums recommended for listening:

Healing Heart – Bill Leyden
Slow Down – India Arie
My Moment Of Peace – Escential Harmonies

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Written by Jessikah Kollatou, CHT,TAP

As a professional Hypnotherapist and Relationships coach, so many times I find that my client’s ability to move forward and be successful in their sessions depends on their ability to let go of a painful experience from the past.
This painful experience, which may have happened years ago, is still causing problems, perhaps contributing to substance abuse, weight gain, self-defeating behaviors or many other kinds of difficulties including physical illness.
As a Certified 5-PATH Hypnotherapist, and Instructor of 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis, I have been trained in the process which allows to free my clients of these old patterns, and the painful feelings, in a way that is fast and to-the-point effective.


Our conscious mind-as wonderful as it may be- is limited: It only holds 7 to 9 bits of information. This is the reason we sometimes can’t remember for example what we ate, or read, or did a week ago at 3:30 pm.
Our subconscious however, is where all our memories, emotions and feelings are stored, like a computer database. Here is where our feelings reside, and where beliefs are programmed and imprinted within us.

So when you want to make changes in feelings, thought patterns and behaviors, you can do so on a cognitive level – you can make your mind up about something (ex. I am willing and want to forgive),and behave accordingly-that is if you are rational enough and not overcome by anger, fear, pain, feelings of being treated unfairly etc and provided that your conscious decisions agree with your subconscious programing .

This is where most people struggle, when there is no congruency between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Its more challenging to make your feelings obey you (example, I am not feeling pain, anger, resentment etc). .
This is where the subconscious work comes in. As noted earlier, the subconscious is where our feelings reside in, therefore in order to get forgiveness to happen on a deeper level and have permanent results, you must do the work on a subconscious level. It is the work I do as a Hypnotherapist .
It’s just like a computer that needs to be cleaned from old viruses and then reprogrammed in order to function well.
So even though you may think you forgave your ex, your parents, siblings, boss, neighbor or friend, negative hidden feelings may linger in the subconscious mind.
And if not identified and dealt with, they will manifest as some physical illness, which means anything from stress, to insomnia, ulcer and weak immune system, to IBS and even in some cases, cancer.
As a matter of fact, in many cases cancer is a physical manifestation of unresolved feelings of anger and resentment.
“What the mind doesn’t know, and the mouth can’t express, the body will manifest” (Dr. Pat Allen)


“Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself. It has nothing to do with the perpetrator; it has everything to do with you uncuffing yourself from being tied to them or the incident. And conversely, to be unforgiving is something you do to yourself, because when you don’t forgive, and you continue to carry anger and hostility for long periods of time, it’s like drinking poison and waiting on someone else to die. … So, unforgiveness is toxic to the person who carries it. It doesn’t defend or protect you from anything, it just causes insomnia, eating disorders, stress and hypertension. Because there are so many people that are going to do something to you all your life, if you’re going to put all of that energy into all of them, you’re not going to have anything left for the people you love and what you want to do.”
(T.D. Jakes article on Forgiveness, posted on
to read full article visit:‘art-of-forgiveness’.html

Don’t give up on forgiveness. It is worth it. Just letting go does not sufficiently address the feelings of anger and guilt you may be carrying inside yourself. Not sufficiently resolving these issues can lead to the problems continuing for a very long time, problems such as obesity, drug addiction, physical abuse, and much more.
Forgiveness does not mean forgetting.
Forgiveness is done to benefit YOU and set you free, so that you can truly let go and move on with your life.

Jessikah Kollatou is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Hypnotist, and Certified 7 Path™ Self-Hypnosis Instructor. She is NGH Certified, and adheres to the National Guild of Hypnotists code of ethics.
Jessikah is also a Certified Relationships and Communications expert, Marriage and Family Coach,Singles and Couples Coach and Cognitive Behavior Educator.

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By Jessikah Kollatou, CHT,TAP

How often do you hear it? “ We need to love ourselves first , in order for others to love us.
But how exactly do we learn that?
The reason we long for love from others, is because we don’t have enough love for ourself in the first place.
So we are trying to fill up that empty space using food .

As children we learned that when we did something good , we would get a hug, a pat on the back, a kind word, or a simple smile, from our parents, teachers etc. Those actions and gestures helped reassure us that we are good, we are lovable, and we are accepted, thus enhancing our sense of self worth.

Sometimes even if we did something wrong, made a mistake we would still get that acceptance, letting us know its ok to make mistakes , and find ways to correct them for next time.

These, in Transactional Analysis are called positive strokes.

As adults we most often don’t get those positive strokes so we rely on ourselves and whatever sense of self-worth we got through our upbringing, to remember to give ourselves that pat on the back, or to forgive ourselves for a mistake we did, and say “ I’ll do it different next time”.
This results in low self esteem, lack of confidence and acceptance of our human nature to be imperfect.

Then, a subconscious longing is created, the longing to receive that love and acceptance, those positive strokes.

When I was studying with Dr. Pat Allen at the WANT INSTITURE ® , I learned that there are four basic ways people get strokes.
They are from :
1. People
2. Animals
3. Nature
4. Things

1. People: we get strokes from people when we are around friends, family, at work and so on.

2. Animals: it is known that animals have a healing, calming effect . Petting your cat or dog, makes you happy, feel good, therefore you receive positive strokes.
3. Nature is always a place that gives us good energy . Think of how good it feels when you go for a walk at the park or beach, or even taking care of plants at your back yard.

5. Things: Needless to say we all feel good buying that new dress, or pair of shoes, tv or car we’ve been wanting . Decorating our home, achieving a goal at work or the gym, are all things that are healthy positive strokes and make us feel good.

The problem arises when we don’t receive any or enough positive strokes.
Or when the strokes are negative ones.

May be because we are in an environment with negative people or we isolate ourselves , or whatever other reason.

That’s when we feel “empty”, the feeling of something missing, and turn to other things to make us feel good.

In many cases, because the empty gap is so big, we overdo it in trying to fill our cup, engaging ourselves in some kid of “too much” behavior.

Cal Banyan, author of The Secret Language of Feelings, and Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy at the Banyan Hypnosis Center, says : Any too much behavior is an addiction.
We turn to addictions because of a need, want or desire that is not being fulfilled.
The addiction is a temporary distractor from the “feel bad” emotion.

The strokes then, become negative strokes.

Here are some examples of negative strokes:

Too much eating, too much drinking, too much sexing, heck-even too much texting, sitting in front of the tv, or playing computers games , workaholic, shopaholic and so on – you get the picture.

Today I want to focus on overeating.
When we stuff our mouths and our stomachs with food that deep down we know we are not really hungry for, and keep doing it- that emotional overating is what im talking about.

And I am here to tell you : There is not enough food or pies in the world that you can eat that will help you fill that emotional emptiness!
It’s nothing but a distractor that makes you forget the real issue, you feel good temporarily and when you’re done with that temporary fix, the problem still remains.
So you feel bad again.
Then you eat /distract/feel good temporarily until you feel bad again, and the cycle continues.
Only this time more negative feelings occur- feelings like guilt, anger, self- loathing, hopelessness, depression and so on, so you end up feeling even worse about yourself .
You get stuck in a rut, a vicious circle with a downward spiral that makes you feel worse and worse every time.

And it does get worse, because some of those feelings are not only happening on your conscious mind, but also in the subconscious level, forming long-term, hard to break habits.

I get really frustrated when I hear people condemning others , making it sound like its just a matter of willpower, and that’s all there is to it.

For some people willpower alone may work, and that’s wonderful. But for many others that have had sensitizing events and been carrying emotional pain and unresolved issues, and negative programming of the subconscious, willpower is not enough , because it only deals with the conscious level.
The real solution and where you will get permanent results, is when you deal with the subconscious. That level of our mind where all our emotions, experiences and feelings are stored since the day we were born.

If you think of it like a computer, our conscious mind has a limited capacity and can only hold 7-9 bits of information.
Our subconscious on the other hand, has unlimited capacity and stores all the data since the day we formed as an embryo in our mothers womb.

If a sensitizing event happened when we were 3 years old, ex. We were crying and our mother stuffed us with cookies so we stop crying, instead of asking what/how we felt, – we may not remember it with our conscious mind ( since it can only hold limited amount of information, this is why we often forget and can’t remember everything and in details) .

However our subconscious mind remembers the feeling of a temporary relief, or the act of eating cookies when we felt bad .
So the more this behavior happens, the more it becomes engraved. And when mom is no longer around or we are adults, we stuff our own selves in order to distract ourselves from a painful feeling, or an unfulfilled want/need or desire.

The reason many diets don’t work, or they work temporarily and then people put weight back on again, is because no one has dealt with it on the subconscious level.

This is where Hypnosis can help, not just any hypnosis, but 5 PATH Hypnotherapy.
It is the most effective method with fast and permanent results, because it deals with the issue from the root of where it all started, plus all other events that made it worse and imprinted the negative, self destructive behavior.

Once I find the root of the issue , I remove it, then remove all other events after that, and then we reprogram the good, healthy , self loving behaviors.

Either you want to lose those last 5 lbs, or 50 or 150 lbs, if you want results that are permanent, then look for a certified 5 PATH Hypnotherapist to help support you through a wonderful change and transformation that will last you a lifetime ! ☺

7 Tips to heal your relationship with yourself and with food :

1. Learn more about positive and negative strokes, how to recognize them and how to avoid them.
2. Substitute the negative strokes with positive ones by getting rid of toxic people in your life, including your own negative, defeating thoughts about yourself.
3. Seek to be around positive people. Jack Canfield in his book The Success Principles, recommends to make a list of all the people you know. Then put a plus or minus sign next to their name, according to who is toxic and who is positive. Avoid toxic people ! ☺
4. Spend time with friends, time out in nature and time with animals.
5. Seek help from a trained professional therapist or hire a coach .
6. Find a certified 5 PATH Hypnotherapist and get to your ideal weight for life!
7. Change your diet, get rid of fattening foods and snacks in your fridge and pantry. Educate yourself on what foods are beneficial for you .

Jessikah Kollatou is a Certified 5 PATH Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist and Instructor of 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis.
She is also a Relationships and Communications coach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coach and Weight Loss expert.

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